GEO North Africa is an international partnership-based project created with the Global Entrepreneurs Organization to train and assist new North African entrepreneurs. We help entrepreneurs start their own businesses using sustainable, proven business start-up principles, along with the support of follow-up mentoring programs.


The Micro Business Start-Up Project


Long Term Start-Up Success Rate

Entrepreneurs Trained

This dynamic training and mentoring program has been running since 1997 and has trained over 12,700 entrepreneurs in 18 other countries in how to start and operate a successful business with a positive cash flow in their first 4 to 12 weeks.

The Micro Business Start-up program is designed to empower entrepreneurs to start businesses regardless of their starting capital or business connections. Here are some important aspects of the Micro Business Start-up Training.

This course will help entrepreneurs recognize business opportunities, research these opportunities, and start their first business during the 4-week training.

It is expected that each student will open their own business during the training and achieve profitability. Knowing how to apply this knowledge in a real-world context is invaluable.

This program is founded on ethics, leadership, and business skills. Those who take part will receive world-class training in each of these foundational areas.

Our training program uses a hybrid teaching approach that is very dynamic. Each day of training is followed immediately by a day of practical application of the new material outside the classroom.

Potential training program candidates must be assessed for their entrepreneurship potential prior to being invited into the course. Not everyone is able to become an entrepreneur.

About GEO North Africa

The current realities are very challenging for many people across Tunisia and the rest of North Africa. Poverty, lack of good jobs, political upheaval, and the breakdown of the family are all contributing to the current climate in this region. GEO North Africa believes that North Africans themselves are the solution to these problems.


The initial screening assessment is a tool to measure someone’s entrepreneurial aptitude. It is one of the key elements prompting the programs unprecedented success as it helps the trainers and facilitators know who are the best candidates with the highest potential for success as entrepreneurs. This tool has been crafted by experienced entrepreneurs over the past 20 years.

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