Le Micro Business Start-Up Program

The initial 3-month intensive phase GEO North Africa’s next 1-year Micro Business Start-Up Training in Tunisia will take place every Saturday beginning January 25, 2020 and continuing 12 weeks to April 18. The next 9 months is the launch of your business with the assistance of our coaching support for the growth of your business. This dynamic training and mentoring program has been running since 1997 and has trained over 12,700 entrepreneurs in 18 other countries in how to start and operate a successful business with a positive cash flow in their first 4 to 12 weeks.

Certains diplômés du programme qui vivent dans les grandes villes retournent à leur lieu d’origine (leur domicile ou leur zone rurale) pour y lancer des entreprises, inversant ainsi la tendance des ruraux à se déplacer vers les zones urbaines pour chercher du travail.

The success rate of the program is an astonishing 87%! This is because 72% of all program graduates have started their own business in a sustainable way. An additional 15% of our graduates find a job as a direct result of having completed our Micro Business Start-up Project, which is an unintended outcome. This means that on average 87% of all program graduates have had a very positive change in their situations as a result of attending the training.

Le Micro Business Start-up program est conçu pour permettre aux entrepreneurs de créer des entreprises quelle que soit leur capital de départ ou relations d’affaires.